Oodles of Oodles

We absolutely love all the oodle type of dogs.   There are a variety of oodles available and are known by different names throughout the world.  In our pages, we are going to go through a handful of our favourite oodles but before we do this, a little about the background of the oodles.

Poodle crossbreeds or poodle hybrids are the offspring of purebred poodles that have been crossbred with another purebred dog breed. They may be described as a mixed breed dogdesigner dog or, sometimes, as a hybrid dog.

Description and breed history

Normally, poodles are strongly line bred, for a combination of traits such as size and coat colour.

In biological terms, poodle crossbreeds are an intraspecies hybrid, rather than a hybrid between two different species, since all dogs belong to the same species and subspecies: Canis lupus familiaris.

While some crosses are accidental, many crosses are intentionally bred. Among reputable breeders, crossbreeding is an attempt to breed dogs with positive characteristics of two recognized breeds. For example, the Labradoodle was originally bred in an attempt to create a dog with a Labrador temperament and a hypoallergenic poodle coat. The intent was to create guide dogs for people with allergies. However − as with all crosses − only some puppies from crossbreeding of two purebreds will inherit both desired traits, some will inherit one trait, and some neither. Even when crossbred dogs manifest dominant traits, these dogs may not pass on the desired traits to offspring. One of these desired traits are the fleece coat of the Standard Poodle. If a puppy has this trait, they are a less likely to shed.

While crossbreeding does not guarantee better health, hybrids bred from parents with disparate gene pools may have far lower chances of expressing disorders associated with the parent pure breeds. Many good, reputable breeders perform genetic health testing to prove their dogs are not carriers of such diseases and this helps to produce healthier, disease free puppies. Breeders who health test and title their dogs usually have the highest quality for a decent price.

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